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Liked Helfyre? Check out the sequel 'Honey' below

Check out some more info about the world below:

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Helfyre + Honey world, lore and language

The world in which our stories take place was born after Earth was torn to pieces by its inhabitants. Mortals survived, but it was a bare existence before the new Gods claimed it for themselves. Theia, Aether, Manāt, and 'Amm created new realms and stood them onto different energetic planes across Lyria, which was what they called the remnants of the mortal realm. Then, they filled them with their offspring, abandoning the new creatures to their own devices after the fact.

The Gods left their younglings with little knowledge, delighting in watching them stumble through the realms that were forced upon them. Both the Nephilim and the Mithra were speechless before they met the mortals, each race breaching their border walls to find answers within the world that had existed before them. The Gods had always spoken Calmani, a language never before heard on this planet, but one that echoed across the different existences they'd held in the past. They did not share their tongue with their offspring. So, the Nephilim and the Mithra learned from the mortals in broken fragments. Lujha, the Nephilim's tongue, was born of the surviving mortal language Arabic, the spoken word that populated small towns near the Aljira border. The Mithra spoke Gjóssa, which was born of the surviving mortal language Greek that populated towns in the north, near Keloseros. In both instances, the language started as almost perfect translations. But through the years, when the immortals took to their realms exclusively, it became more of a derivative. Some phrasing remains nearly similar to the language of origin, while other words and structures have been lost in translation and dialect, re-melded by the Nephilim and Mithra.

The bridge language was one of a myriad of others that survived Earth's apocalypse and carried through the realms by necessity— a way for the Nephilim and Mithra to communicate. 

The naming and the lore that inspired the creatures in each realm spanned across a broad influence of Slavic, Celtic, Greek, Arabic, and Latin as well as some German.


The story itself is reminiscent of Hades and Persephone, where the initial soul bargain is concerned; however, it is not a retelling. The rest of the series is shouldered by a unique storyline that is very much character-driven with a plot that serves as an undercurrent. 

Some of the above information is getting added into the front end of 'Honey'. For a long time, it was an important plot point to figure out that Lyria used to be Earth but as I was starting to plot the third book, I realized that the story had changed and that revelation ceased to be of importance. So, I wanted to make sure to state it inside the book!

Thank you for taking a chance on my work,


By Mariel Pomeroy


Two immortal creatures. One dangerous bargain.

After the death of her mother, Aheia finds herself stained by more blood than she can hide in the perpetual daylight of her home of Keloseros. She escapes the realm but pays the price: giving up her immortality and her powers–once a Mithra with light at her fingertips, she becomes near-mortal. Her desperate search for asylum leads her to the doorstep of the only place out of her abusive family’s reach—a realm that deals in death and darkness unapologetically—Aljira

But nothing in this world is free, and to buy her way to dubious safety, she’s forced to give up the only thing she has left to barter.

Her soul in exchange for seven days in the devil's realm.

Arioch, the ruler of the Nephilim, is eager to dangle his new little pet in front of the Mithra who have caused irreparable damage in his life, but he doesn’t expect the effect Aheia’s soul has on both of them once it's stamped on his arm. The pull between them is all-consuming-- they crave each other, between sharp words and angry exchanges in an increasingly passionate bond that threatens to shatter the delicate balance of everything.


Arioch and Aheia...


Keloseros and Aljira…


Even life and death.


“Helfyre” is an adult fantasy romance that contains graphic violence, general dark themes, swearing, and sex scenes-- some of which include dubious consent-- and should in no way be misconstrued as a depiction of a healthy relationship.


Helfyre is a debut novel by our amazing @book_daddy_ and I had the privilege of reading this arc pre release. This book is a dark romance, with some violence (which we all love) and a lot of smutty scenes that will curl your toes.  


This book is everything I didn’t realise I wanted and needed in my life 🙈❤️  I expected for this book to be great, Murs spend so much time doing edits, I knew it would be enjoyable. BUT I did NOT expect it to be so incredible. This by far is the best debut novel I have EVER read.  The writing is phenomenal, Murs was hiding her talent on us this whole time. After reading this, I know she will be my “instant buy” author from now on.  


So what’s the book about? Aheia flees her home desperately looking for safety, she arrives in Aljira, and is met by Arioch (basically the devil 😎) who takes her soul as a price for her safety. Checkout goodreads for a better summary.  Arioch is honestly the type of man I always wanted in dark romance books. He is powerful, dominant, violent, sexy as sin and possessive. Thank you Murs for writing literally the perfect MALE. I know I will be re-reading this book many, many times.  Some highlights: 🔥 CHAPTER 8 🥵 🔥 I now demand to be referred to as “little goddess” 🔥 This book enforced my new kink of “shadow bondage” even more. 🔥 “if you take their names into your mouth gain while it’s me between your thighs, I’ll fill every one of your holes with shadows until you can’t breathe, let alone speak” - bye bye I’m deceased 💀 🔥 Meaning of Ruhi had me 😭 🔥 CHAPTER 34 beats chapter 8 🌋 🔥 I’d slip into a bed with the devil for everything he had to offer in this book  Honestly guys. This is my top highlight of the year so far and I think it’s going to be very hard to top. Murs, so fucking proud of you, your are talented beyond words. I cannot wait to see what else you write ❤️  


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ /5

 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 /5 

⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓ /5 



✨No spoilers (one quote further down) ✨ 


This is a condensed version. Full version can be found on my Goodreads.  


Before I was lucky enough to have this ARC dropped on my Kindle, I knew it would be good. Murs teased us for months about what to expect which obviously made my anticipation grow. What I did not expect, however, is truly what a debut masterpiece this turned out to be.  I won’t go into heavy detail but there are a few things I’d like to highlight:  


Ari - everything we love in a morally grey MMC and more. Ari is no sugar, lots of spice and not much nice but hot damn is it more than I imagined.  


Aheia - what I love our our girl is that she is a pure firecracker BUT also not afraid to show us her emotional side. And not just us, there are a number of times where her vulnerability is front and centre. It was so refreshing to see a strong FMC that isn’t afraid to also showcase a very real side of her. It made her even more relatable to me and I am now the president of the Aheia fan club.  


The island of misfit toys - Ari is the King here. These misfit toys are delectable, savage and all around a group of people I would happily hang out with (but also want to know more, Murs!!)  The writing itself is…. Inspiring, refreshing, unbelievably good. I have read many (MANY!) traditional published authors that could never hold a candle to the word wizard that Murs is. It’s beautiful, haunting, funny and will crawl under your skin like a parasite you’d happily welcome.  I am in absolute awe of this story. The world, the characters, the language. ALL OF IT!  


I want to end this with one particular quote that struck me at my core:  


“It was all too much, and if she kept the darkness wrapped around her, she could pretend it was simply one of her dreams.”  


Never, in my entire 24 years of struggling with my mental health, has any one sentence described it for me so perfectly. I can never thank you enough for that Murs.  


Also, chapter 8 rivals chapter 55. I said what I said.



🔥Spolier Free Review🔥 


 This book has been highly anticipated for me, following Murs’s journey on her Instagram account from drafting to editing this writing process has been a rollercoaster. 


Murs should be so damn proud, she is an absolute inspiration. This book goes to show you don’t need to be a huge author and you don’t need to have a publisher to write a fantastic fantasy dark romance.


Well fucking done!  


Helfyre, what can I say. This book has it all, enemies to lovers, found family, violence, smut, multiple POVs.  


The author has created not only a new world but religion, language and creatures. I am in love with this new world the author has created. There was a beautiful balance of world building, character development, plot and smut and the authors writing was exactly what these characters needed. 


I bloody love Aheia, she is so damn fierce and at the same time vulnerable. Her inner dialogue was everything we needed.  


Arioch is a force of nature he is dark and sexy and oooh the things he says could drop anyones pants and beg for more.  


All the side characters were great. Special shout out to Lúc and Shiron. They both stole the show for me and I was happily surprised when we got some of the other characters POVs which really helped get to know them and I loved they each had their time to shine.  


This book made me laugh, cry, induced a heart attack. The ending was phenomenal and Murs you best get your ass working on the second book because I won’t last long on a cliffhanger like that!  









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